Diversity & Inclusion at Enigma: Introducing the Guild + Enacting a Code of Conduct


Enigma is a values-driven company. Since our founding, we’ve strived to create a culture steeped in curiosity and generosity, and we’ve been successful in cultivating a workplace focused on collaboration and kindness.

We’re growing though, which means we’re at a point where culture can—and often does—easily shift. As Enigma expands, part of our plan to maintain our culture is to emphasize and more openly discuss initiatives around diversity and inclusion. While diversity and inclusion has always been a top priority at Enigma, we want to ensure it stays at the forefront of every conversation as we scale.

To do this, we founded the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Guild about six months ago. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, the guild—made up of employees from across the company, including human resources and leadership—has met every two weeks to discuss and implement D&I related efforts at Enigma. We’ve already worked on a number of projects, and we’re excited to be implementing changes we think will create a more diverse and inclusive Enigma.

We think it’s incredibly important for companies to be open about diversity issues and unwelcoming environments in tech—so, in the spirit of transparency, we wanted to formally introduce the guild and talk about one of the first projects, creating an official code of conduct, that we completed as a group.

We’re in the early stages, so we still spend a lot of time sharing articles, reports, tips and tricks. If you work on D&I at your company and want to share insights, please reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

What is the D&I Guild?

Earlier this year, Enigma restructured to emulate Spotify’s tribes, squads, and guilds. At Enigma, guilds are similar to internal company clubs or committees. Formed organically, these guilds are made up of employees who are not necessarily on the same team, but have a topic of interest they want to focus on.

The D&I Guild is comprised of people at Enigma who are passionate about ensuring the cultivation of both a diverse and inclusive culture. While we care deeply about recruiting and hiring a more diverse workforce, the guild also focuses on creating and fostering a collaborative, productive and kind environment—such as through inclusive code review and employee resource groups.

What is the mission and vision of the D&I Guild?

Our mission is to promote and realize a thriving workplace that is representative—across all functions and levels—of the diverse world we live in. Our goal is to support all underrepresented minorities in tech across gender, race, economic diversity, disability, and sexual identity.

We aim to be action and solution oriented, as well as true to data (our company’s focus and mission). Having set a high bar for ourselves, we also recognize this is a marathon, not a sprint, so we’ve started with small projects to engage and introduce the guild to the company.

What is a code of conduct?

It was important to us to publish a code of conduct as one of our first official projects. A code of conduct helps set norms and expectations for behavior at a company. While Enigma already had something similar to a code in our company handbook, it was an internal document, and we wanted something public-facing.

We’re pleased to announce our new code of conduct, which can be found on the Enigma website. These expectations aren’t just for Enigma employees, but for anyone who is a part of our community—so we now reference and link to the code when we host any events in our office.

It’s a small step, but an important one. We want Enigma to continue being a values-driven company, and we’re excited to join the ranks of other great companies openly working to make tech a more diverse and inclusive industry.

Keep an eye on the blog—the guild will publish additional posts about our projects in the future. Next month we’ll share the results of our first diversity and inclusion company survey, which we completed earlier this year.