Enigma Opens Doors for Public Access, Featured in New York Times


This weekend’s New York Times Technology section features an excellent article on public data by Natasha Singer which profiles Enigma and our contributions to the space, among others.

Another site, Enigma.io, has obtained, standardized and collated thousands of data sets — including information on companies’ lobbying activities and their contributions to state election campaigns — made public by federal and state agencies. Starting this weekend, the public will be able to use it, at no charge, to seek information about a single company across dozens of government sources at once.

Yes, you read that correctly – we’re using this opportunity to announce that Enigma is opening its doors to allow free (rate-limited) public access to the Enigma platform. All you have to do is sign up for an account, log in, and start searching! With this update, we hope to inspire students, academics, journalists, civic hackers, researchers and more to get the most out of the public data available to them.

The free Enigma access plan includes 10,000 API calls and a limited number of one-click data exports. For details on how to increase these limits by upgrading your plan, check out our Pricing Plans page.

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